We make creative work for small good causes

By creative professionals that contribute their skill and time voluntary. How can you help? We need people who have creative skills (in the widest sense) to work on a temporary base on one of our projects. Sign up for projects or let us know what skills you can offer.

How we work

1. Creative brief

First we talk with the good cause and narrow down their most relevant creative challenge.

2. Ideas, ideas, ideas

Now it’s time do bring the creatives and professionals together with the good cause and let the ideas flow!

3. Produce impact

Hammer time! The best and most feasible ideas are being executed to help the good cause increase their impact.

Are you a good cause who can use our help? Let’s talk!

We connect charitable organizations with low marketing budgets to creative professionals.

About us

The Good Shop was founded by a group of creative professionals from a shared desire to do good.

Working in the creative industry, we learned about the power of ideas. Producing ideas is what we’re good at, and we believe this talent should be used for good.

By combining our collective skills and time, we help to create great work for great causes with little or no budget.

Current board:

Joris Groot
Romy van der Linden
Gauke Tijssen
Moniek van Westerop
Rewan Jansen

Are you a business who wants to collaborate or support us? Please!

There are many ways to sponsor us as a partner. Let us know how your business can help us so we can help and support more causes with their story and exposure. Or just a cash donation is also more than welcome so we can boost our campaigns.


Stichting The Good Shop
Based in Amsterdam

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